Legal service with a difference
PO Box 8095 Seven Hills West NSW 2147
Phone: 0402 010 686

Capellia Legal is one of a few
legal firms in NSW offering
very reasonable
fixed fees 
No guessing and no surprises!
Mt Velebit - Courtesy: Tatjana-Michaela
Capellia Legal offers the following services:
Care &Protection Law Representation in the:
- Children's Court
- District Court
- Supreme Court

If anyone is going to get
your child back from FACS
it is George of Capellia Legal.
Family Law
- Divorce
- Child custody
- Property division
- Child support
Our first priority is to settle without litigation. If not, then we will make your divorce as pleasant as your honeymoon - well... almost 
Other laws
- General litigation
- Traffic offences
- Anti-discrimination
- Defamation
- Human rights
- Consumer law
- Negligence claims
- Privacy protection
- Property law 
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